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 Ardelis Health Case Study 

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Key Opinion Leader Identification and Engagement in Support of a Female Hormonal Contraceptive 


 Across healthcare and in the crowded marketplace of female hormonal contraceptives, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) shape therapeutic discourse from the national to local levels. A critical element of brand success includes a successful, sustained, strategic KOL engagement plan. A fundamental step in that process is identifying KOLs and ascertaining their spheres of influence. 


 With KOL identification the inherent challenge is finding a comprehensive list of potential KOLs that is also accessible and manageable – or in other words a means to find the right KOLs that may be engaged in the most appropriate way.


Ardelis Health developed a propriety methodology using data analytics that captures both a comprehensive list of potential national and regional KOLs and rising stars in their field and defines specific expertise and influence networks.


To support the launch of a new female hormonal contraceptive into a crowded market, Ardelis Health utilized our proprietary KOL Mapping analysis to identify KOLs and understand how the group communicated information, specifically we:

  • Captured the universe of KOLs 
  • Confirmed KOLs previously identified by the commercial and medical teams 
  • Identified additional KOLs and rising stars 
  • Used a quantitative-based social network analysis to reveal professional and collegial networks and create a model for efficient information delivery 

By applying the results of analysis, KOLs were rapidly engaged to help share important brand and disease state communications, streamline communication delivery, and kickstart the launch of a new contraceptive.